About Us

That is me, Chrystal, in the middle.  I am a professional electrologist in Campbell, CA. Come see me for your permanent hair removal.


I want to service and assist anyone who wants to remove hair they find uncomfortable. And, I want to help anyone who feels uncomfortable going to most salons. (As a person of size, I do know how rude people can be at salons. And, often their furniture does not fit. UGGGG.) 

I believe in ALL bodies. I want to welcome ALL bodies.

So, that is me in the middle, between two of my best friends, Karen and Shawn.  I am originally from Las Vegas (weird, I know) but have lived in the Willow Glen area of San Jose since 1987 when I moved here. My name is Chrystal, in case you do not already now that. I live in Willow Glen with my sweetie and he has lived in WG his entire life! Our home is 2.5 miles from my work office. Yaaaa.

Eventually, I do want to be able to add gender affirming hair removal to my list of services. I plan to mentor with another local electrologist so I can become skilled at hair removal for people transitioning. 

(Meaning, I will be mentoring for the below the belt or bikini area work. )I can obviously do face and body work right away, but want to become an expert at genital electrology before I offer the service. It is so important that the hair is removed properly before any surgeries, so I want to become really great first.

Electrology - permanent hair removal - in Campbell, CA .  My office is next door to Bingham Electrolysis in Campbell.

I will make this process as comfortable as possible

I understand if you are anxious.  No worries. We can chat and make sure you are comfortable on my table.  And, btw, my table is extra wide and will hold up to 600 lbs.  

I want to be a resource for people in ALL BODIES - so that means I want to make sure my practice is comfortable for people of size, people of color, mature people and people who want gender affirming hair removal. 

All Bodies. All Sizes. All Genders. All! 

I do not  discriminate. Period. 

I am body-positive, weight-neutral, sex-positive 

and gender affirming

Your BODY is Welcome Here.

Your gender is welcome here. Your stretch marks are welcome here. Your ingrown hairs, pimples, dry skin, faded tattoos, skin tags and wrinkles are welcome here. Your SIZE is welcome here. Your opinions are welcome here.

Your questions are welcome here, too!