Ingrown Hairs on Your Beard

Yes, I treat lots of gentlemen with ingrown hairs. Maybe you get a lot of ingrown hairs around your neck, beard, our mustache. I can release them and treat the hair inside so that they never come back. (May take several appointments to kill the hair permanently.)

Of course, we would not want to remove an ingrown hair permanently somewhere important. So, we do have to keep that in mind when we are removing hair on your beard line, mustache, or neck. Because, with electrolysis, once it’s gone, it is GONE! 

So, we have to be strategic and we will likely use the hand mirror or my eye liner to mark the hairs you want gone and so you can keep me in the know of exactly what you are trying to achieve. 

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people are noticing more ingrown hairs on their faces. And, lots of men who work where their faces get dirty during the work day seem to struggle with ingrowns more often. I got you. We can treat your ingown hair with my machine where I use the teeny tiny wire (thin as an eyelash) and some light electricity to create lye in the follicle which then murders the germ cells which would typically nourish a new hair. I will explain it more when we meet. 

I do have an online calendar and all 1st time clients need to send me a $30 deposit via CashApp, Venmo or Paypal.  Here is the link to book an appointment: