Prepay Rate For Long Projects

So, for starters, my rates are going up on Sept. 15th. My new rate will be $135 an hour, up from $120 an hour.

Our expenses have gone way up (gloves, for one thing, $15 to $45 for the 200 pack!) and we missed a full year

of work due to Covid, sadly. There are rubber shortages and paper shortages and that is creating longer lead time

and prices going way up.

If you are a current client, I will grandfather your current rate until the end of 2021. Everyone goes up to the

new rate Jan 1st.

If you think you have a lot of hair to remove and you will require more than 10 hours, this is a pre-pay rate.

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Terms and Conditions: If you prepay, you can use your minutes of 30, 45, or 60 appointments. Sorry, cannot do

15 minutes at this rate. (30 minutes or more only.) We can use my timer, so once you hit 30 minutes, you only get

charged/deducted for the minutes we use – could be 32 minutes or 51 minutes. No rules other than it must

be 30 minutes or more. Not more than 60 minutes at a time, because my body cannot take that!

Prepay for 600 minutes: Normally $1,350 (10 hours x $135 an hour) $1,121. (A little more than an hour and a half

for free.)

Prepay Rate: $1,121 prepaid. (That is a bit more than an hour and a half at no charge.)

Please do not buy this unless we have met for a consultation. And, I can take CashApp, actual green cash, a check, or

I can send you an invoice through my online scheduler, Vagaro. Text or call me at 408-826-9087