How to find My Electrology Office

Our suite can be a little tricky to find. Suite 10A.

Our office and address are very easy to find because we are directly across from the Campbell park basketball hoops,

We are in suite 10A. Suite 12 is immediate to your left when you pull into our office park. BUT, WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR

SUITE 12. We are clear on the other side of the parking lot.

So, drive-in and drive straight towards the little gray buildings that run parallel to Campbell Ave.

Then veer to the right towards the EXIT ONLY exit. Park in that strip of parking spaces or pop out to Poplar Ave and park on the street.

Our suite is SUPER close to the EXIT ONLY EXIT and Poplar Ave.

Please text me when you arrive. There are some benches out in front of our door – grab some shade and sit down. I will let you

know when you can come in. (No waiting room any longer thanks to Covid.)

See you soon, Chrystal