Trans Consult and Information for trans clients with Stephanie Shields, CPE, in Phoenix, AZ.

It is always such a pleasure to interview Stephanie. She is so wise and has so much experience in electrolysis and laser. She has 17 years of experience helping the trans community with their hair removal needs, too. She is an expert about surgeries and hair removal and I am so honored she would take the time out of her busy schedule to let me interview here about this. This video is perfect for trans clients and for electrologists.

Hers and her Mom’s busiiness in Phoenix is here:

She literaly has trans clients come from all over the world to have their gender affirming hair removal done at her med spa. She and her Mom have so much combined experience. Stephanie is really a thought leader in the electrology industry. Thank you, Stephanie.

If you are local here in the San Jose Bay Area, this is my link if you would like to come in for a consultation. Please book a 30 minute appointment. If you are considering transitioning, please book a 60 minute appointment and we will do a consult and hair removal. But, the discussing your treatment plan is more involved, so please book an hour.

When I called my business “All Bodies Hair Removal” it was intentional. I want people who are non-binary, cisgender, trans, “questioning” where they are going, and who just want to discuss and review. I truly an opening to all of humanity – all shapes, all sizes, all colors, all ages, all weights, all means all to me. Literally all.

Text or call me at 408-826-9087