Electrolysis School: 600 Hours

Did you know that we have to get a license from the State Board and we have to take 600 hours of training before we can apply for our license? We do about half of the hours on theory and then the other half of the hours practicing electrolysis on people to learn proper technique and learn the settings of our epilators.

Once we graduate from our respective schools, we have to take the State Board Certification test. That test is written and then there is a step where we have to use all three electrolysis modalities on our models we bring with us. 

Our licensing is pretty similar to people who go to beauty school. The main difference is that we only study one topic. Well, we study sanitation and sterilization AND electrolysis. The test we take in Fairfield at the State Board office is very focused on sterilization and sanitation. (And, that was before the pandemic!)

Not much has changed since the pandemic. We still have the same rules for sanitation and sterilization, but now we spend more time (well, I do) airing out the room (air purifier, door open, window open, air purifier on) and sanitizing the office, front door, restroom and the lobby. I also use Clorox wipes to clean all of the knobs and the areas we touch. I do that each morning. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I was fortunate enough to go to school in Monterey at the Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology. I was trained and educated by Randa and Robert and they are both electrolysis professionals that have years and years of combined experience. Their school is the only one in Northern, CA. There are currently two in Southern California. We need more electrologists, so if you need a new career, I highly recommend it.There is a lot of future in hair removal and there are very few of us practitioners out there. JOIN US!