Booking for April 19th or After

I am baaaaaaaack!

You can book here.  I have one more Moderna vaccine shot to get on the 16th of April, but I am taking a few clients now. You can book here:

Please arrive with your mask on. Please wait at the door or in the patio area and text me when you arrive. 408-826-9087  and then I will unlock the door for you.  I will be taking your temperature and writing that down until we are told we can stop doing that. 

My rates will likely go up mid-year, but my rates continue to be $2 a minute. However, a 15-minute appointment is $45. (Our costs on our products we use during an appointment have gone way up because of the rubber shortage, for one thing. A box of gloves now cost us $45 or more instead of $15.) 

I take Covid very seriously for you and for me – so I am also leaving half an hour in between clients so I thoroughly sanitize my space and the shared space here. 

I am excited to see you soon. It’s been a long year for all of us. And, I really really miss seeing your faces.  Thanks, Chrystal