Book Online and I am Back to Work!

I am fully vaccinated and April 30th will be my 2 weeks date after my second vaccine. I am practicing all of the Covid rules, still, however. So, please arrive with your mask on. Our front door will be locked and our clients are invited in be each of us when we are prepared for you. You can BOOK HERE online via my Vagaro app

My rate continues to be $2 a minute. 15-minute appointments are $45. And then we move to $2 a minute. The first 15 minutes is the most expensive. It requires a full 20 minutes of sanitation after we are finished (and before your appointment) and we have the cost of our supplies, the table drape, the gold probe, and more. (Our gloves went up from $15 a box to $40 a box due to the rubber shortage.) Plus, we were off for a FULL YEAR, so most of us are trying desperately to catch up from not working all that time. (COVID – UGGG.)

A consultation is $60 and a half an hour long. We typically remove about 10 to 20 hairs during the consult. The consult if so I can get your health history, find out what your hair goals and then test some hairs so we can find the best settings for your hair and skin type. 

I look forward to getting back to work full time! 

You can text or call me at 408-826-9087