Why is Plucking So Bad Video

Getting the idea that plucking is REALLY bad? I made a video to go along with my blog about it. If you are ready to come see me, my calendar opens up after April 29th. 


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This is the blog I wrote about plucking on the 17th. 


 Plucking is bad for a variety of reasons.   

1.  Every time you pluck a hair it takes about 13 weeks to grow back. (That means, if we are in the process of removing your hair, it could mean extra appointments at the end.)    

2. I have to have the bulb intact – that is where the germ cells are that create a new hair. I want to MURDER those cells and the bulb with the lye that is created in your follicle. When you add a metal wire, the saline in your body, and the low-level electricity from my machine into your follicle, we get LYE. (Naturally occurring in your body, btw.) The lye murders the cells that would nourish a new hair.   

3. Plucking can create hyperpigmentation on your skin. And, it can make the hairs grow back thicker and “juicier” as we like to call them in our business. The bulbs get batter. The follicle gets girthier. They are harder to murder – especially the grey ones.   

4. There is lots of research that shows plucking stimulates more growth. So, 1 hair may turn into 3 hairs and on and on.   www.AllBodiesWelcome.com or text or call me at 408-826-9087