Questions Your Electrologist Will Ask You: Consultation

We have questions for you before we get started. 

I asked a group of electrologists all over the world which questions they ask in their consultations and this is what we came up with. 

1.  Where is your extra / unwanted hair?

2. How have you been treating your unwanted hair?

3. Have you had electrolysis before? When was your last appointment?

4. If you had electrolysis before, did you hold a “ground” in your hand while having your hair removed? (This is indicative of blend electrolysis.)

5. My colleague Valerie Bundy Collette added this:  What are your long-term goals for your unwanted hair? Do you want to be hair-free in 3 years? What are you willing to do to become hair-free in 3 to 4 yrs? What are your expectations for your unwanted hair?

6. My colleague Cynthia of  asks: What medication are you taking now?

7. Have you ever been diagnosed with PCOS? (Thank you, Cynthia 

8. My collage David asks:  What are you doing to remove hair at home? How frequent and when was the last time?  And, how often were you plucking, waxing, sugaring, etc. 

9. How can I help you? This is a suggestion from my colleague Patti.

10. My collague Inna Fields asks:   Have you had electrolysis before? What area are you looking to get treated? What do you do to remove unwanted hair currently? If tweezing or waxing is involved, when was the last time you tweezed? (Thanks to Susan Parks for her enthusiasm and suggestions.)

11. Marlal, an electrologist in Pasadena asks: Have you ever used laser to remove your extra hair?  Did you notice an increase in hair after laser? Do other family members have similar hair growth?  This is Marlal’s business: 

If you are ready to start working on your extra hair, call or text me at 408-826-9087 or email me at and we can get started. My practice is in Campbell at 621 E. Campbell Ave, Suite 10A, Campbell, CA 95008. is my Facebook page. Follow me there. 

Most of my clients work with me to have me remove their facial hair and quite a few of my clients have P.C.O.S. I had my own very lush goatee, kitty whiskers, and neck hairs removed by electrolysis and I can tell you the FREEDOM after you get your unwanted hair removed is the best feeling EVER!