I am getting my first vaccine 3/19

Hi, friends, clients, and future clients. Some of you know I had a sort of rough patch during this past shut-down. And, because of some of that, I decided I will not be back to work full time until I am fully vaccinated. So, my guess is that will be mid April. 

I have had the better part of the last year off and boy am I ready go get back. I MISS YOU ALL! And, unfortunately, I am going to have to raise my rates later in the year, but I am going to give all of my clients a few months to prepare for the change. 

All of that time off really put me behind on my debts and on my own retirement funds and that kind of thing. (We all still had to pay rent even when we weren’t working.)  

And, I have to take more time in between clients now so I can make sure everything gets fully sanitized in between clients. (So less time for working and more expense on cleaning and sanitizing.) I am leaving 30 minutes between clients so no rushing and everything gets completely sanitized. 

So, stay tuned. I will be back soon. 

My email is allbodieswelcome@gmail.com or call/text me at 408*826*9087