What to Expect For the First Appointment for Electrolysis

I am so anxious to get back to work. I miss my clients so much. I miss my business. I miss helping people. I miss leaving the house. Today is August 23rd. I am hoping we will be back around Sept. 10th. Who knows, though. 

I am going to start out by only taking half an hour (max) appointments. I did buy an air purifier and I plan on keeping my door open with a sheer curtain to give us some privacy – or good air circulation. 

But, for a good 6 months, will likely only do 15 to 30-minute appointments.  My rate is $2 a minute and my minimum appointment is $30 due to the fact that I am going to need a half an hour between clients to sanitize and sterilize everything and refresh the air,  table covers, etc. 

I created a special here available if you pre-pay:


45 minutes for the price of 30. Can be used in 2 appointments. (Not in one appointment for now.) PREPAY ONLY.  45 minutes is typical $90.

GIFT: I also ordered these custom masks for my first 20 clients who come back to work with me once we get permission to work again.

I hope to see you soon. My office is 621 E. Campbell Ave, Suite 10A, Campbell, 95008 and you can also text me at 408-826-9087

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