30+ Ways I Am Keeping Us All Healthy

Here are all of the ways I am working to protect both of us from Coronavirus.

1. Please wear your mask upon entering our suite.
2. Please wait in your car or on our patio until we invite you in. The front door will remain locked.
3. Wash your hand when you enter. 20 seconds with soap at the sink or 30 seconds with our hand sanitizer.
4. Please keep items you bring in with you to a minimum. Maybe just one laptop or 1 purse/backpack. We want to keep the items that come in to a minimum. Please only ring one jacket or sweater.
5. I will wear gloves when you arrive. Then I will wash my hands at the sink, come back to my space, use hand sanitizer, and put new gloves on.
6. I will wear my mask and shield or goggles.
7. Appointments will be shorter. (To keep the “virus load” to a minimum.)
8. Sadly, we cannot chat as much. The fewer words we speak to each other, the fewer droplets is the wisdom shared with us.
9. I will drape you with a disposable drape.
10. I will wear a clean or a disposable apron for each new client.
11. We will have to leave more time in between clients for sanitation and sterilization.
12. No open cell phones in my suite. You can bring it in, but please leave in your pocket or purse.
13. I have invested in a UVC light cleaner for my keys, cell phone, and pen. You are welcome to drop your stuff in it while you are on my table and we can sanitize yours, too.
14. I invested in an air purifier that has a HEPA filter and a blue uvc light that cleans the filter.
15. I will keep the window open and most likely my door open or cracked to create airflow.
16. I invested in a portable blue light uvc lamp to clean the walls and floors at night at the end of my day.
17. I will continue to sterilize all of my stainless steel tools in our dry hear oven. I wrap it all in tubing and put it in our “oven” at 340 for 60 minutes. Each client gets their own sterilized tools.
18. I will continue to use disposable brans new probes for each new client. These are thrown away and not sterilized.
19. Please plan for a contactless payment via Venmo, Paypal or cash. (Cash goes in a special box so I do not have to touch it in my salon space. (I will lysol it later.)
20. If you feel even the least bit sick or have been exposed to Covid 19 in the past 2 weeks, please reschedule. (If you give me 25 hours notice, no charge. I am very generous with this rule. But, if you abuse it, I will have to charge you the $50 fee before your next appointment.)
21. There will be no more blankets or pillows. Everything will be much more sterile and not so cozy.
22. I have disposable eyewear for you. I also have sanitized eye shields.
23. I have added shelves with all new containers so everything can be much more easily sanitized.
24. Gloves for everything for me, as always. I am happy to give you a pair to wear for your appointment. If you would like a fresh mask and a pair of gloves to do, I charge $5 for the to-go gloves and mask.
25. We are removing the water cooler. Please do not bring in any food or drinks.
26. We will continue to sanitize all of the knobs, handles, and countertops with a Clorox wipe or our EPA hospital wipes.
27. In my suite, my table always gets wiped down with the EPA hospital wipes. (They use these wipes in surgical operatories and in the NICU to give you an idea. I also wipe down my machine, my light, the probe cords, the tray table, headrest, and every other possible surface with the hospital wipes. These wipes kill HIV, HPV, SARS, and a whole bunch of other viruses and bacteria.
28. In between sterilizing my tools, I put them in a holding fluid called Organasol.
29. All other implements, like the plastic eye shields, rest in a bacteriacide called Barbacide.
30. We will be taking your temperature when you arrive. I will take mine, too. And, those will be getting logged in an HPPA safe log. This and our own calendars will allow us to reach out to you in case of any emergencies.
31. If you use your restroom, we ask that you please close the lid when you flush.

I think that about sums it up… for now… today is July 8th! I will edit it as new ideas come up.

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