New Safety Protocol for my Office Post-Quarantine (COVID19-life)

Here are some of my new post-Quarantine protocols to keep us all safe in my office. I am not sure when we can get back to work, but when we do, there will be some changes. Sadly, things will feel a bit more sterile, but it’s important. 

  1. Only enter after you receive a call or text from me. I will meet you at the door to let you in. I will also walk you out. (We are trying to reduce the number of people touching stuff inside the office.)
  2. Please be wearing your mask when you arrive. I will have my mask and gloves on. 
  3. Please come in and wash your hands in our restroom and then meet me in my office. 
  4. Please ONLY bring in what you have to – try to reduce backpacks, jackets, laptops, purses, etc.
  5. I will be taking your temperature with my contactless thermometer and recording it next to your name with your cell phone. 
  6. I will ask you a few questions about any traveling you have done recently, if you have any symptoms, or if you know if you have been in close proximity to anyone with the virus, a cold or even the flu. (I have asthma. I want to keep you, my other clients, and me well.)
  7. Let’s try to do a contactless payment. Venmo, CashApp,, or my appointment app, Vagaro.
  8. I had to get rid of all blankets and other “soft” niceties. The soft items are much more difficult to sanitize, sadly. You will notice lots more paper drapes, lots more of me changing gloves more often, and likely shorter appointments. (There is more to do between appointments, now.) 
  9. I created a hand sanitizer station right inside my office door and I will be happy to offer you a pair of gloves and a mask, but there will be a small fee for them if you want it to-go.  $4
  10. Once we get you settled on my table, I will go wash my hands again in the restroom, come back to my workspace and use some hand sanitizer and put on a new pair of gloves. 
  11. As always, I will continue to use disposable probes. 1 per client.
  12. I will continue to sterilize all of my metal tools in the autoclave in the tubing so they will remain sterile until I use them for your appointment.
  13. I will be scheduling a half an hour in between clients so I can sanitize and sterilize the room and prep for the next client. (Please keep this in mind when booking online.)
  14. We will no longer have a waiting room, so please do not bring anyone else with you.
  15. I am invested in an air purifier and working out ways to have better airflow in my space. (May mean cracking the office door and window. Air purifier, small fan, etc.)  
  16. I will wear a mask like I always do, but may also add a shield or goggles. 
  17. If we are not working on your face, I will ask that you keep your mask on.
  18. When I am working on your face, I may use a mask and some paper tape or surgical tape to try to keep your mouth/nose covered during treatment. We will have to test out some options.
  19. If you feel the need to sneeze or cough, please keep your mask on and try to cough or sneeze into your elbow and give me a heads up if you can, please.
  20. There will need to be less talking during your session as recommended by the State. This is to reduce the droplets we each give off.
  21. Please keep your mask on until we walk outside. 
  22. When we are done with your treatment, please feel welcome to more hand sanitizer. I will also continue to put hand sanitizer on after I take my gloves off. 
  23. Once we walk you out, I will be sanitizing all of the shared spaces like the knobs, restroom sink, knobs, toilet handle, toilet seat, doorknobs, etc.
  24. I am investing in a small, portable UVC light to sterilize my walls and shelves each night when I go home from work. 
  25. I will continue to wipe down my machine, probe cord, work trays, desktops, light, stool, chair and my work table like always with the EPA wipes we currently use. (These wipes are used to clean and prepare surgical booths, dental operatories, and hospital n.i.c.u. areas.) 
  26. I will be testing using some barrier tape on the areas I touch often during an appointment. Areas like the on/off button of my machine, the face of my machine, light switch.
  27. If you want to pay me cash for any of your services, I will ask that you put the cash in a pencil box so I do not have to touch it. Then I will sanitize the cash with Lysol and my UVC light before I touch it. Definitely prefer CCard, Venmo, CashApp or
  • For the foreseeable future, I will be limiting my appointments to 1 hour (50 to 55  minutes max) depending on how quickly we can get you going.  And, I will be leaving half an hour between clients so I can sanitize and disinfect between clients. This may change in the future, but likely not in 2020.  My minimum for an appointment is $45 – even if we only remove 5 hairs. There is so much work now in between clients and I feel it is better to let the room air out and allow me to let the Lysol and my air purifier do its work. 
  • We will not be able to book as many clients in a day as we used to and we have to leave a half an hour in between, so this is going to be a challenge. And, our salaries will be impacted, so please be respectful of my time. (On top of missing 4 months of work – no bueno.)
  • I am going to use a digital timer so we can track how many hours you are on my table and then I will only bill you for the minutes we are working on you and not the set-up and break downtime. 
  • I hope we can add longer appointments in 2021. I know lots of you like 75 and 90 minutes.
  • All of us in our suite will be keeping a log of our clients, temps, COVID history from the form in case of any emergencies that way we know exactly who to reach out to in the event of anything that requires us to contact you.

PLEASE stay home if you are not feeling well. I promise to also STAY HOME when I am not feeling well, just in case. I plan to get a vaccine for Covid19 when there is a reliable one. I always get vaccinated for the flu and to become licensed, I had to get all of my vaccines updated.

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