Electrolysis works well for P.C.O.S.

Client Review from Google: 

I am very excited for salons and providers like Chrystal to come
back to work. Chrystal and I have been working on my P.C.O.S.
for about 4 months and I already notice big improvements on my
cheeks, chin and sideburns. I had been seeing her twice a week and
we got a real jump on my facial hair.

She has explained to me that I will likely be able to make a real dent
in it with another 4 or 6 months if I continue to see her twice a week
once the quarantine is over. We switch cheeks and areas which is why
I can go twice a week – my idea, not hers. She is hot high pressure. Just
super honest about what I am up against and I appreciate that.

I have lived with this hair all over my face and neck since I was 20
and I am so tired of shaving and plucking my hairs. (And, she has helped
me to understand why I have to stop plucking. I gotta save the bulb for her
to treat and stop the damage I am creating with my over plucked skin.)

She really understands PCOS and she has told me I will likely be in maintenance mode my entire life. But, one day I will be able to see
her like once every 2 months or 1 time a quarter. That is my dream. 


What is P.C.O.S.? Web MD link here:  https://www.webmd.com/women/what-is-pcos#1 

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