Appointments: We are now using Vagaro for our online booking

I have a new scheduler, but we have not been approved to get back to work, yet.  The state allows electrologists, but now we have to wait on Dr. Cody to decide what we will do with our Santa Clara County. So, we wait.  While we wait, I am trying to get organized. We will have to find a way to book appointments so that I have half an hour in between appointments.  I will be taking more time to sanitize and sterilize in between clients, so I will need a full half an hour, please.  You can also text me at 408-826-9087

We will also need you to arrive with a mask on and we may have you wear it for most of our appointment. I will move it when I need to get closer to your lip and chin.  

I will also be taking your temp when you arrive and logging it, too. We want to be sure we are prepared in case anything happens within our office. We want to be able to reach people easily. 

Also, my neighbor Sarah and I will be working on different days so we do not have any overlap in our waiting area and restroom. Lots of other things which I will list out in a separate blog. 

If you see this, please do not quite yet book an appointment until we know our start date. I promise I will let EVERYONE know the very SECOND I learn we can go back.   Text or call 408-826-9087

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