Ch ch ch changes…. they are coming

Hi, friends. Well, I am on day 70 of quarantine.  How are you surviving? I miss all of you so much. I am so excited to get back to work and I am busy figuring out all of the best tools, protocols, and gear we need to keep you and me safe and healthy.

Some major changes will be things like all of the soft, warm things will have to leave my office. No blankets, only disposable paper on the table. Only paper drapes to keep our touching to a minimum – including no clothes to clothes.  

Like always, I will wear gloves. Only now I will have them on when you arrive. I Will also put a new pair on right before we start working on you – but only after I was my hands again. Once I take them off, hand sanitizer again. And, then for me, washing them again.  

We will continue to have you wash your hands when you arrive. We will ask you to arrive with a mask on, too. We will have you keep your mask on as long as possible. Even keeping it on while working on your face. I will always have extra gloves if you need a pair, just ask. 

You are always welcome to any of my hand sanitizer, too.  I am setting up a little station right inside my door so you can help yourself. 

We will likely not be able to chat much when you are on my table. They are suggesting that talking a lot in small confines can increase the spread. But, I am also working on having great airflow and I am investing in a fabulos air purifier that has a UV light, Hepa Filter, and lots of other cool features. I am also going to keep my window cracked and my door open a bit when I can so we can have really good airflow. I may also buy a small UVC light to sanitize my floors and walls at night – of course I sanitize the knobs, all of my equipment, all of the flat spaces like my desk, the door handles, the restroom and everything else I can get my hands on. I use the EPA approved hospital wipes which are used in surgical rooms and newborn IC units. 

We are probably going to ask you to stay in your car or sit on the patio until we call or text you to come in. We want to keep it so that there is never anyone waiting in the reception area. 

I have to do all kinds of things myself, like packing everything in plastic containers so I can sanitize and sterilize everything – so they likely will have me make sure all of my paperwork and other soft stuff like that are in containers.

I am going to move to Vagaro scheduling so you all can book your own appointments and we can do transactions so that there is fewer hand to hand transactions. (You can also pay me via CashApp or Venmo.)

I will keep you posted on what the Governor has to say tomorrow and I am really hoping he will give us a plan for when I can go back to work….. I know this quarantine has made us ALL super hairy. 

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