What To Expect Your First Appointment

The “first” anything is always the hardest, right? Electrology is no different. I know I had a lot of anxiety and stress leading up to mine. I thought about doing it for about 5 years because I expected it was going to be super expensive and I thought it would take an exorbitant amount of time. 

I was right. It is a process and it does take some time, but the majority of my appointments were less than a half an hour.  So, that was a big surprise to me. The first 2 for me were a full hour,  But the following appointments were a half an hour or less. 

My rate is $120 an hour, but a 15 minute appointment is only $45.

Your first time in my office, we will need to talk a bit. I will have you fill out a new client form where I will track your progress and the settings that work best on your skin and hair.  I will ask you if you have any metal joints and what type of meds you are taking. 

Then, I get you on my table and I will take a look at your hair and skin. 

The first couple of epilations (hair removal) I will test out with some various settings. I want to see what works the best, at the lowest setting and the shortest amount of time in the follicle. It’s always my goal to work quickly and try to get your work done quickly, but it is a process. 

We have a restroom in our suite. 

My table is extra wide and heavy duty and will hold 1,000 lbs!  I have a bolster for your knees and 2 nice super soft blankets in case you get cold from laying on the table. 

You typically have some goggles on so my light does not blind you,  You will have to hold the ground as you and your body complete the circuit. I practice the blend method for the most part, but I can also do thermolysis and straight galvanic. 

My electrology pratice is in Campbell in the Greylands Office Buildings. Our suite, suite 10A is over to the right side …. when you pull into the parking lot, veer to the right and drive towards the exit only “lane” and park under the eucalyptus tress or park on Poplar Ave. (That is typically where I park.)  Our suite is right up against the asphalt drive way. We are the last little building on the right as you drive out of the EXIT ONLY lane. 

My mentor and landlord is Bingham Electrolysis and we are in the same suite. She is amazing and has been doing electrolysis for 28 years!  She is super busy and has so much amazing experience.  I am so grateful! 

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