Finding our suite in the Greylands Offices

So, I did not realize this until after I moved in, but when you first come into our parking lot from Campbell Avenue (the only way in, but not the only way out) the first unit number on the left is suite 12. Most of us would assume unit 10 is nearby right? NOPE. 

To find our suite, look for the Bingham Electrolysis sign.  When you come into our parking lot, you will see a bunch of Eucalyptus trees in front of you. Then, if you veer off to the right, you will see a one-lane exit lane. (Takes you out to Poplar Lane.)

 We are RIGHT next door to that exit near the actual EXIT, but on the right. Our suite butts right up against the asphalt of the exit lane. We are pretty much as far from suite 12 as you can get.  Basically, we are like completely diagonal to that suite at the entrance.  

If you find a spot under the eucalyptus trees, grab it.  I typically park on Poplar which is the street where the exit lane drops you out on. (LOTS of parking over on this side of the building!)

Our address is 621 E. Campbell Ave, Suite 10A, Campbell, CA 95008.  Both Sarah and I do electrology from this space. Sarah has been doing it for years and years and I am the newb! So grateful for such an amazing mentor. 

If you have some unwanted or “extra” hair you want gone, come and see one of us. (Although Sarah is pretty busy and really does not have much space for new clients, but you never know!) 

Call or text me at 408-826-9087 or check out my website for my rates and calendar. 

You can also email me at and I will try to reply to your emails within 24 hours. 

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