Electrology in Campbell: Prepaid Package to Help You Save

As you likely know, electrolysis is a process. It is not a quick fix like a Brazillian wax. 

It often takes months and months, which can be expensive.  Some appointments may last an hour. Other appointments might only last 15 or 20 minutes. It is a time commitment, that is for sure. 

To help with those costs, I have a few different packages for you that can help you save some money so you do not break the bank 

This one is a prepayment package where you spend $350 up front and then lock in on a lower rate for a year. 

CLICK ON THIS LINK for more info. 

All Bodies Hair Removal in Campbell

Tel: 408-826-9087

621 East Campbell Avenue, Suite 10A – 621 East Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA, USA  

$350 Prepaid by Nov. 15th by 5pm. 

This package includes:

  • You get 1 year worth of appointments at the reduced rate of $65 an hour. 
  • Your first 3 appointments are no charge and do not count against your 1 year. 
  • 4th appointment and for the next year, you only pay $65
  • You have 1 year starting on your first appointment.
  • No refunds, but you can re-gift your package to someone else if you like.
  • Missed appointments are $45 unless you give me 25 hours’ notice.
  • Payable via Venmo @curvygirl  or you can pay using this link.
  • My office is at 621 E. Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008
  • Book appointments by texting or calling me at 408-826-9087

I do offer hair removal to men, women and non-binary humans. I am trained on the blend method, straight galvanic and thermolysis, but I prefer blend method myself. But, if you have a preference, I can make it work. I have hundreds of hours working on faces, legs, arms, bikini area/vulva experience, toes, forearms, fingers, breasts, chest and necks. I do not have any experience (yet) working on a penis or testicles, but I plan to train with several mentors so I can also offer gender affirming hair removal for people will be having surgery in the future to transition. Just need a little more time, but it is absolutely my plan to offer my services for ALL body parts for ALL bodies. 

I do electrolysis in Campbell. Our office is at 621 E. Cambell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 and you can book time with me by email, calling or texting my work cell at 408-826-9087.  I lookfoward to working with you soon! 

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