Electrolysis is a Process : Electrolysis hair removal

I wish it could happen quickly, but because hair grows in stages, it takes some time. Did you know we are all born with 5 Million Hair Follicles? Fortunately, they do not all grow at the same time. 

Most of our hair gets whacky during puberty. For people born with ovaries, it can also get intense during pregnancy, perimenopause or super stressful life situations. For example, in my case, I had most of my goatee and mustache removed through electrolysis over 2 years ago, but I suddenly have 2 or 3 new chin whiskers! Those hairs were dormant and they have decided to finally make their appearance. GOOD TIMES! 

Now, when I go and see Sarah to have these chinny chin chin hairs removed, it will likely be about a 5-minute appointment. I will be in and out in no time! But, she warned me about this and I knew it would happen. 

It happens to all of us, friends. Different things in our lives trigger a certain follicle to grow and in my case, it’s likely perimenopause. electrolysis hair removal

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