This Grandma gets her Lip Waxed

I CANNOT watch “America’s Funniest Videos” because I basically pee my pants from laughing too hard when I do.  So, I typically skip it because I laugh like a 7th grade boy when I watch it. I have a twisted sense of humor. 

I had to share this one, though.  It is a great argument for electrolysis. 

This Grandma let her daughter wax her lip… and then she yells out “I farted” because apparently, she tooted while she was laughing so hard!

This is a great reason to NOT wax. Plus, when you wax or pluck, it stimulates new growth. Your body sees it as an injury and sends all the blood and hormones to the “injury” to try to heal the wound. SO STOP waxing and tweezing – use your razor – and then get on my calendar! 

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