Packages for Hours: Bulk Rate for the fuzzier among us! :)

The fuzzier among us know who we are, right? Some of us just are hairier. Simple fact. It’s totally normal. 

If women only knew how TYPICAL and NORMAL it is to have unwanted facial hair, we would all be talking about it on Facebook. 

There are three times in our lives when we grow a lot of hair. (For those of us who were born with a uterus, that is.)  Puberty, pregnancy, and peri/menopause are the three main times of our lives.  For me, when I moved into my mid-40’s, I started to notice a few black hairs on my lip, chin and neck. Suddenly I was one camping trip way from having a full goatee! 

If you know you have a lot of hair you want removed, please feel free to buy my packages. And, you can buy these via the link or send payment to @curvygirl on Venmo or $cashapp. 

This one expires August 9th:  That is for 90 minutes for the price of 60 minutes.

This package is $500 and is signing up for 2 years of a $50 an hour rate:  This expires August 9th, as well.

If you want to get buy 10 hours at 50% off, you can pay via Venmo or $cashapp. Just sign up with your payment of $600 and that will give you 10 hours on my table. Text me after you make the payment at 408-826-9087 and then let’s book your first appointment and get you in my rotation. 

As you have likely heard me say, electrolysis is a process. If you have a lot of facial hair, leg hair, underarm hair or whatever you want removed, the packages may be good for you. But, for me, I found that being able to pay a little bit each appointment made it so much easier to afford. 

But, you have options! 

Here are my rates:

Initial Consult (15 to 30 minutes)


It all starts with the consult. We hve to have one consult before we can start working together. I will apply your deposit to your first appointment so you do not lose out on the $$.  BOOK ONLINE HERE 

You can VENMO me your $50 consult fee to @curvygirl

Same handle for $cashapp @curvygirl

15 minutes


Book online here. 

30 Minutes


Book online here.

45 minutes


Book online here. 

60 Minutes


Keep in mind that this is a process and will require more than one appointment. In the beginning, your appointments will likely be about 45 to 60 minutes, but eventually may only be 15 to 30 minutes.