Cataphoresis – What is it?

After each electology treatment, I end my appointments with about 2 to 3 minutes of this soothing treatment called Cataphoresis. It feels very cool and very soothing. I apply aloe gel and then roll the area we worked on with this roller – which is plugged in to my machine that removes your hair. 

Cataphoresis offers many benefits. It can reduce the warm sensation and redness, which can be caused by electrolysis. Also, the electrical current stimulates the sebaceous gland, which will secrete basic sebum. The hair follicle then becomes a potential area for the effect of bacteria proliferation. 

The best reason to use Cataphoresis after electrolysis is to restore the pH balance of the skin in order to prevent any infection.Applying a conductive aloe gel product on the skin using the positive pole does cataphoresis. 

The redness that can be produced by electrology treatments is significantly reduced by the means of Cataphoresis.  (Here is a blog I wrote on after care, too.)  AFTER CARE BLOG LINK

One’s skin will be red anywhere from 30 minutes up to a couple of hours, depending on the skin type. The redness slowly returns to normal in or around this timeframe. The Cataphoresis after-treatment care is not only beneficial for a successful treatment but it is very soothing to the treated area.

I think it’s a fabulous way to end each appointment and it brings the redness down and is very relaxing.  It is included with your treatment and it helps a lot if you plan to go somewhere after our appointment. 

Everyone’s body heals differently. Some people will have ZERO redness after and others will have extreme redness.  There is no way to predict how your skin will react, but I like to send out into the world feeling relaxed and cooled off after your appointment with me.