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If you have never been seen by me, please start by booking an initial consult. I will apply your deposit towards your first appointment. If you would like a sample to see what it feels like, we can do a few test hairs on your arm, too.

  1. ****  BOOK CONSULT HERE (Link is here)

We HAVE to start with a consult so I can give you an idea for what kind of timing we are looking at for your plan. Electrolysis takes a commitment from both of us, so we want to make sure we vibe and we are on the same page. I do not want you to WASTE your money. 

Our first consult will be 15 to 30 minutes long.

Have you had electrolysis before and you are ready for more? 

Have we met for your first consult and now you are ready to cook yourself for some time, book here.

2. **** If you NEED A TOUCH UP and have a FEW RANDOM HAIRS you want removed, use this link to book 15 minutes. 

3. **** If you have a good amount of hair, but what to work on a focused area then book yourself for 30 minutes here. For example, you want to work on your upper lip only or your chin, only book a half an hour for us.

4.****  If you want to work on a couple of areasbook us for 45 minutes.  This would be if you wanted to work on your upper lip and your chin. Or wanted to work on your underarms. Or if you wanted to work on your toes and ankle area, book us for 45 minutes.  Maybe you would like to work on you chest/nipples and forearms, book us for 45 minutes.

5. **** Ready to work on your bikini area and get ready for bathing suit season, book us for 45 minutes to 60 minutes here.