Tweezing is the actual worst! Stop!

Tweezing is sooooooooooooo bad, friends. For real. I had no idea how bad it was until I went away to electrolysis college and heard it every day for 8 weeks!  (BTW, electrology college is 600 hours – but 8 weeks at the amazing school I went to in Monterey callled MBIE.)

Tweezing is easy to do, and inexpensive too. However hair can become coarser from the repeated tweezing and skin problems including ingrown hair, pigment changes, and scaring can result. Obviously it is not a permanent solution to unwanted hair. ( Plus, tweezing is so satisfying. I get it! And, so quick and easy to pluck those unwanted hairs when you see them in the car in the daylight, right?)

NEVER tweeze the upper/lower lip, chin, breasts, or abdomen! You are stimulating growth in these areas. The hair will become thicker and darker. NEVER tweeze out ingrown hairs. You will make the situation worse. The hair will distort further and you will have a bigger lesion the next time it grows in.

If you are INVESTING in electrolysis, here is some good info from AST Electrolysis: “You SHOULD NOT TWEEZE OR WAX ; this causes the hairs to become ingrown and by the increased blood flow to the area, more hairs may grow in. If you are investing in electrolysistweezing & waxing these areas are wasting your time & money. “

Also, I completely understand plucking and tweezing. Damn, I had to get brand new eyebrow from my friend Ofelia at O Spa in Los Gatos because I over plucked my eyebrows over the years.  And, my eyebrows are like the one area of my body where I want the hair to grow back, but sadly, they never will. So, I got a new set from Ofelia and now I wake up with eyebrows on. It’s the little things, ya know.  

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