ALL of humanity is welcome on my table for hair removal

If you are a kind human and not a jerk, I would love to help. 

I understand if you are anxious.  No worries. We can chat and make sure you are comfortable on my table.  And, btw, my table is extra wide and will hold up to 600 lbs.  (If also offer draping if you are modest and I want to create a serene work space, so we can all relax while we’re hanging out.) 

I want to be a resource for people in ALL BODIES – so that means I want to make sure my practice is comfortable for people of size, people of color, mature people and people who want gender affirming hair removal. 

All Bodies. All Sizes. All Genders. All! 

I do not  discriminate. Period. 

HAIRY bodies are welcome here! (And, yes, we have seen it all.) 

I am body-positive, weight-neutral, sex-positive and gender affirming

Your BODY is Welcome Here.

Your gender is welcome here. Your stretch marks are welcome here. Your ingrown hairs, pimples, dry skin, faded tattoos, skin tags and wrinkles are welcome here. Your SIZE is welcome here. Your opinions are welcome here.

Your questions are welcome here, too!