Aftercare : What do you do AFTER I treat you?


MOST IMPORTANT – try your damndest NOT to touch your skin with your fingers no matter how clean you think your fingers are!!!!  It will help with the healing in the long run if you can avoid touching it. I understand it is hard – we humans are really just little monkeys…. plus it feels so GOOD when the hair is gone! So, I do get the desire to touch it – but it really pays off to not introduce your bacteria from your fingers to your newly hair-free skin! 

+An antibiotic cream (such as Neosporine) or aloe gel may be helpful especially prior to working out or other vigorous activity.

+Some find applying ice to the area immediately after treatment helpful.

+Be sure to use sunscreen! Avoid tanning and direct sun exposure 24 hours before and after treatment.

+If you must use make-up, reserve a fresh hypo-allergenic formula (purchased within last 90 days) for use after treatment to prevent cross-contamination of the area.

+Avoid touching the treated area with your hands.

+No hot tubs  for a good 24 hours afterwards.

+Avoid rubbing the treated area vigorously – no manual exfoliating for 48 hours post-treatment.

+Avoid using heavy creams or any type of AHA or similar product for 48 hours post-treatment.

+If you end up with some teeny tiny little scabs, that is ok. But, please try not to pick them or peel them off your skin. Also, if you are worried about them, take a pic and show me at your next appointment or text me and I will take a look when I have a few moments. But, they are totally a normal part of healing from treatment, so no worries.

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