Which Modality Do I Use?

Hi there,

This is probably going to be way more information that you want, but essentially my machine will do 3 modalities.  My machine can do thermolysis, straight galvanic or blend. (Blend is a combo of the thermolysis and galvanic together in one application.) My machine is from Clareblend and it does all of the modalites that the State requires I learn. 

Each epilation requires me to insert the probe into the empty pocket of skin that is right next to the hair shaft. (You cannot really see it with the naked eye, but it is there.) So, we are not piercing the skin…. we are just sliding into that pocket. Once I get the probe (which is skinnier than the shaft of your hair) than I apply the current using the pedals on the floor.

In our initial consult in person, I will try to get an idea of your hair and skin type to determine which modality I think will be best. I prefer blend because it is the LEAST uncomfortable and has the best action to dessicate the papilla – it is the papilla nourishes the hair. We want that sucker DEAD! 

If you have very coarse hair, I may end up doing straight galvanic. We can test it out on low and gradually progress to see if which your body, skin and tolerance prefers and go from there.

If you have very fine hair, we could try to do some thermolysis, but it will require us to be in the same room to so I can take a look. Our first time consult will likel be about 30 minutes to 45 minutes and if you want to, we can even remove a hair or two on your arm to get you an idea of what it may feel like. 

Questions? Text me at 408-826-9087